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Himalayan organically grown red rice from Purola Uttarakhand, also known as Laal Chawal, is a highly nutritious rice with a crunchy texture and a distinct flavour. This is naturally grown in non polluted hinterland Uttarakhand. It has got a very high nutrition value,fibre content and is a good source of anti oxidants. Himalayan Red Rice is also good for heart and useful in diabetes.

Ghadwali red rice, more popularly known as Laal Chawal, is organically grown in the Purola region of Uttarakhand. This extremely nutritious rice comes with a firm texture and a nutty flavour and requires the same cooking time as that of white rice. The heavy rain in the high altitude Himalayan valleys is partly responsible for its firm texture and interesting flavour.

A perfect substitute for white rice or brown rice, the Himalayan red rice is also an important source of fibres, minerals and antioxidants. Being organically cultivated in the lush Himalayan valleys of Uttarakhand, the red rice is sure to boost your family’s daily dose of nutrition. The red rice is also helpful for patients with high blood sugar level. This dish is often served during fast as it is gluten-free.

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